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  • The Sheila Gentile Real Estate Group is 2nd to no one in the local area when it comes to using technology to market its listings.
  • We produce video tours or virtual tours for our listings and single property websites that contain the name of the property right in the url. This SEO or Search Engine Optimization technique helps our listings get more attention from the search engines, and helps Sheila make more direct contact with potential buyers for your property.
  • We run active social media campaigns both sponsored and unsponsored for all our listings that reach 1000s of potential buyers.
  • Many potential buyers find their way to Zillow and/or Trulia in their search - so Sheila maintains a strong presence on Zillow and Trulia which helps the group get the attention of potential buyers.
  • We have an internet advertising campaign run with a degree of professionalism normally only seen in large corporate ad campaigns. Other local agents are starting to run some of these ads using a 3rd party vendor (AdWerx), but by leveraging the technological background of group members - Sheila has been doing this for years. By skipping a 3rd party ad vendor and taking out ads directly to the internet, we can run more ads and run them for longer periods of time, for less cost. Plus we have much greater flexibility to control where and when our ads are shown, and we have much greater access to the resulting data and can use this feedback to see what works and what does not. Some examples of how we can target market our ads include: Location, time of day, specific websites (for example minor real estate sites and local newspapers), people who have visited our web pages, people who have visited other real estate sites, and projected income percentiles of households in an area. This gives Sheila’s ads a unique advantage.
  • Finally, Sheila is backed by the nationwide marketing power of Coldwell Banker. The web site now typically ranks very high in the first page of search results for a home Sheila has listed for sale, sometime even beating out other comprehensive national listing sites (like, for example). Her local competitors can not match this search engine placement. In fact, sometimes even ranks higher in the search engine results than her competitors on their OWN listings.
  • Of course there is more to selling a home than just technology, and with Sheila you get the advantage of a lifelong area resident, someone who lives and breaths the neighborhood, and a leader in local real estate sales. Networking and face-to-face interactions still provide key advantages in selling your home - and you won't have to worry about a thing. Sheila is a high-energy, high-integrity, compassionate, service oriented individual you can trust to get the job done. The details will be handled with care and constant communication, to ensure the marketing and sale of your home go smoothly. To hear what other people are saying about Sheila's personal touch you can check out her reviews here.


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